Monday, January 7, 2019

Product Review: The Pink Box India - A Monthly Period Subscription Box

It's THAT time of the month.
Is it? Maybe? Not yet.
Regardless, periods are what women experience almost every month. Making your periods relaxing and stress-free is the newly launched service - The Pink Box.

Here's my lovely Pink Box from The Pink Box India.

My Pink Box - Adorable, isn't it?

What is The Pink Box?

The Pink Box is your one-stop shop to find your menstruation essentials. Basically, it is a monthly period subscription box, where once your subscribe, can get all your necessary essentials during your period. So, you can log onto their website and enter your details (date of period, when you want the box, etc) and customise your box as you wish. Whether you use tampons, pads or liners, you can get your sanitary essentials to use during your periods.

What was in my Pink Box?

To know what was in my box, check out the Unboxing Video of my Pink Box:

Take a peek into what all is in store!

All about what all I got:

  1. Sanitary Napkins of my choice (1 Pack each)
  2. Grannary Whole Grain Chips, Sweet Chilli with Lime & Herbs flavour (1 Pack)
  3. Snackible's Sea Salt Pita Chips with Chocolate Dip (1 Pack)
  4. Only Leaf Chamomile Green Tea (2 Packs)
  5. Organic India's Tulsi Green Tea (1 Pack)
  6. Karmic Green Tea, Lemon and Honey Flavour (1 Pack)
  7. Suma Detox Soap, Tea Tree (1 Unit)
  8. A motivational bookmark with Dr. Suess' quote 
  9. A monthly word search sheet
  10. A health tip

How much did I pay for the box?

To try out their services, I signed up for a single box and paid Rs. 400 for it, including shipping. Though they did not accept payment via credit card when I purchased the box, but do accept payments through money wallets like PayTM and using UPI.

My Verdict:

The delivery was on time, as per the date I selected. I loved the snacks, the choice was perfect for a snack lover like me. I am yet to use the soap, though it smells divine. 

I would've liked if they mentioned the benefits of the products/ ingredients (chamomile, tulsi, etc.) for women specifically during periods. I would also like to see menstrual cups, biodegradable napkins and other sustainable products on offer.
Indeed value for money and worth a try. I am thinking of opting for a longer subscription soon.

Have you bought this box yet? Have you tried a service similar to this? Let me know in the comments section!


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