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7 Unusual Delicacies Eaten Only In India

Travelling around the world brings in a lot of experiences. And in these experiences you may have discovered the unique delicacies native to the land. In all probabilities, you may have tasted some with a taste that is familiar to the food you eat back home and then there are others that are simply unforgettable! The melting pot of cultures that India is, features a long list of bizarre delicacies for the fearless foodie in you. Of course, a meat-eater's list is longer with weird yet staple dishes like Red Ant Chutney and Dog Meat making the cut, however, let me take you on a gastronomic journey of 7 such vegetarian delicacies that veggie eaters can devour.

1. Bhaang Ki Chutney - Uttarakhand

Bhaang Ki Chutney -
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Natives of Uttarakhand, particularly the Garwahli and the Kumaoni are proud of this delicacy made of roast bhaang (hemp) seeds If you are still in the dark as to why this chutney is bizarre, it is because of the use of a plant that is famously associated with the hallucinogen Marijuana. Though, contrary to the popular belief, the seeds are not psychoactive. I fact, it it said to have the perfect amount of protein thanks to the balance of fatty acids, fibre and amino acids. Undoubtedly, it as a chutney makes for a tasty treat and goes well with Bhaag Ke Pakode. Yes, it exists. Read on.

2. Bhaang Ke Pakode

Bhaag Ke Pakore -
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Pakode or fritters are perhaps every Indian's favourite tea-time snack. Come Shivratri and Holi and you'll find this fried snack being prepared in the homes of many North Indian households. Now, you may expect it to be as strong as the Bhaang drink, but in fact it is not. The batter is same as you make for making regular pakoras, added with the paste of the cannabis leaves. I also came to know that Bhaag Gujiya are also prepared

3. Pyaaz Ka Halwa

Pyaaz Ka Halwa
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Onion in a sweet dish? Who would've thought! Pyaaz ka Halwa or Onion Halwa is a made by frying onions in butter and then cooking on sow heat with milk and sugar. So basically, it is like Gajar Ka Halwa, but with onions instead of carrots. If this seems intriguing and something you'd like to try out, you can check out the recipe here.

4. Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi - Rajasthan

Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi
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The favourite dessert of most Indians is also available in a savoury avatar. I bet the creator must have loved Gulab Jamun so much, that he/she ended up making it into a curry. The creators certainly belonged to Rajasthan as it is quite popular across Jodhpur. This Rajasthani recipe calls for making balls out of Khoya, deep-frying them and sliding them into a onion based curry.

5. Fermented Bamboo Shoot - Assam

Fermened Bamboo Shoot - Khorisa
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The Assamese love this delicacy which they refer to as Khorisa. It is made of fermented Bamboo shoots that is either relished raw or as a pickle.

6. Rotten Potatoes - Eastern India

Wait before you think of throwing a rotten potato. As they say, on man's trash is another man's delicacy, this is true for Phyan Pyut, a delicacy made of rotten potatoes. That's right. Loved by several communities in Eastern parts of our country, potatoes are allowed to rot in soil, excavated and then mixed with spices. How does that sound?

7. Benami Kheer

Benami Kheer
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You may be wondering why is Benami Kheer called so? Though the word Benami has a negative connotation, here it refers to 'unknown' in Hindi. As to why it was named so, well, you have to taste this 'dessert' to find out. And the taste is unlike anything as it has garlic - yes, you read that right - as the main ingredient. Garlic pods certain have strong aroma and so they are boiled in water and then added to the milk to prepare the kheer. This is one kheer you shouldn't miss.

Now that you've gone through this list, tell me, which ones you have tried and which ones you are willing to try very soon?


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  2. Wow! While bhaang pakodas have been on my wishlist since long, I honestly hadn't heard of the others. I mean...rotten potatoes...seriously? It's so nice to come to your blog dear...

    1. I'm glad you found my post interesting. If you have noticed carefully, all of these delicacies are vegetarian!
      Lovely to have you over at my blog.

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