Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When is the best time to book flights?

Haven't you Google-d this question before planning your dream vacation?

Have you ever wondered if there is some kind of secret formula or pro-tip that only the secret cult of frequent fliers or travellers know about?

To be very frank, I have wondered about this fact whenever flight bookings have featured as a part of my travel planning. Given that air travel is the best way to practically get anywhere we want to, we want to seek the best possible rates to economize our travel costs.
Besides ticket price, we may also consider preferred flight timings, the duration of layover or seat preferences when booking flights online to our choicest destinations. Even if we get cheap flights, we may get a long layover or if are lucky to get the desired flight times, the price of the flight is too high.

Book flights to Bali
Beautiful Bali on your mind?
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or wanna gaze at the enchanting New York skyline?
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Now, Skyscanner did the research by asking 1000 Indian travellers if they were aware of the best time to book flights?

Results of this research:

  • 72% were clueless about the best time to book flights. 
  • According to 69% of travellers, the ideal time to book flights was LESS than 12 weeks before departure, which is in fact, WRONG.

For international and domestic ticketing, you would get the best deals on flights when you book tickets well in advance.

Skyscanner has made it easy for you to understand the best times to book flights in advance to top holiday destinations, in India and across the globe, and the savings you can enjoy! Just check out the info-graphic below:

Happy Holidays!