Monday, April 11, 2016

Yelow - A bathroom concierge service

I love shopping. Most of us do, except when there is a rush.
Nobody likes a crowd when they shop. And nor does anyone like to dash for a tube toothpaste or a sanitary napkin in the middle of the night.

If you think online shopping is the answer, well, it's half the answer. As I don't want Flipkart delivering shaving cream after my husband has grown a beard like Gerard Butler in the movie 300.

That's precisely why we need to be organised in this scheme of things. That's far from happening, but there is someone who can make things a bit easy for us dis-organised folks. (Yes, its you who I'm talking about!)

Yelow - yes, notice the missing l. This is a personal care and hygiene products subscription service for men and women. Incorporated in May 2015 by ISB classmates Arjun Shah, Viraj Mehta and Nakul Vakil, which I bet was for an MBA project :P It was then full-fledgedly launched in December 2015, and since then they've already crossed more than 1000 users and more than 400 orders.
Sounds baffling? Not quite.

Its quite nifty actually. Choose from ready to use kits with all the bathroom essentials for use or for your travel. Else, you can make your own kit by selecting items the a la carte way. Categories are broadly classified into Oral Care, Men Grooming, Women's Hygiene, Bath & Body, Skin Care and Sanitizers.

Alternatively, customized something known as the 'Yelow Parcel' by building your own parcel, timing your own delivery and receiving it and chilling. It's as simple as that. It's like a gift from you to you!

They also take pride in introducing the one-of-a-kind women period kit. And men can be inducted into their exclusive Yelow Shave Club.

What inspired me to write about them? Their candid press release. Try it out and lemme know piques your interest. 

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