Thursday, April 21, 2016

Place of Origin - Delivering the best of India's culinary delights from their origin

“Don’t forget to get me the banana chips!” is exactly how I ended my conversation over the phone with my friend. She was visiting Kerala with her family and I pestered her repeatedly to get me a bag each of banana and jackfruit chips that were deep fried in coconut oil. I can still recall the first time I visited Kerala, it was unlike any run-in-the-mill chips I’ve eaten before here in Mumbai. It is an amazing feeling crunching and munching on the coconut oil deep-fried thinly sliced plantain chips.
Or the time when I simply missed sampling my favourite Chiroti from Chitale Bandhu, just because the queue to the counter was too darn long, that I would’ve missed my bus back home.
Doesn’t it happen to all of us? Don’t we all do that?
We visit a place, sample the local fare, fall in love with the taste, carry A LOT of it back home and miss the lingering taste on our taste buds right after we’ve finished the lot. It's amazing how we associate most our memories with food. It’s natural for any and every foodie. It’s the beauty of India’s culinary abundance. One cannot resist the sheer abundance of flavours. 
To bridge this gap an innovative initiative for those who don’t wanna miss the regional delicacies and specialties was born. The website is a portal to get home all your favourite regional culinary delights at one place.
Be it crunchy banana chips from Kerala, long leaf black tea from Assam, handpicked coffee beans from Chickmanglur and Coorg or even juicy Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri – take your pick.
A wide range of staples in tea and coffee are available here. Choose from popular CTC tea brands or from the choicest sommeliers as they hand-pick the most fragrant leaves infused with various spices and flowers. How about starting your day with a refreshing cup of Himalayan Tulsi green tea with delicate, flaming red Rhodenderon flowers?
Or perhaps your preference is a steaming cuppa of brown brew? Then make your choice from whole coffee beans, freshly roasted and ground gourmet French Vanilla coffee or ground filter coffee.
Accompany these beverages with gossip and with crunchy snacks from various parts of the nation, ranging from Ramprasad Chiwda’s Cornflakes Chiwda to Kale Chips from The Green Snack and Co.
And what’s even more impressive is the impeccable packaging utilized to pack your favourites only for a nominal cost. has my vote for being a one-stop shop for delivering India’s choicest delicacies right to your doorstep. 

Disclaimer: This article has been written for a brand incorporating my honest opinion.

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