Monday, February 8, 2016

Book Review: Roomies/ Foodies

Book Title: Roomies/ Foodies - Fun 'n Easy Cooking for Desi Students Abroad
Author(s): Laxmi Ashwin and Meghana Chaudhary Joshi
Pages: 193 Pages
Genre:  Food & Drink / Cookbook
Price: (Kindle): INR 200
File Size: 5210 KB
Publisher: Bloody Good Book

Roomies Foodies Book cover Kindle

Imagine what its like to travel all away from home for the very first time with an intent to stay there for the next few years and not knowing how to cook food!
That exactly how PhD student Laxmi (Lux) felt, but than she had saviour, comrade and roommate Meghana (Meg) to her rescue.

This book is designed by the authors as 'a handbook as much as a cookbook to spare students the painful trial and error part' when living on their own abroad.

What I liked about this book:

I could completely relate to the book as I've lived on my own during my college days and had to fend for food myself. And it will too for anyone who has studied abroad at some point in their life.
Meg and Lux have wonderfully described their experiences and their culinary adventures whilst sharing their tried and tested recipes. Their memory building up to each recipe is a yummy piece of nostalgia.

What I did not like about this book:

That it did not come with a serving of each dish! :P

Why you should read this book?:

It is indeed a handbook for those who want to focus more on their studies/ work but at the same time do not want to miss out on eating Indian/ Desi food. The time saver and money saver tips are mighty useful for desi students who are taught to be skinflints from day one of their lives.

I would readily recommend it to my friends who plan to study/ work and live abroad. Will be trying out 1-2 recipes from this book in the next few posts.

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