Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review: Burgundy Box

Sometimes you just want to dig into a delicious gourmet meal right in the comfort of your home. And what makes it more special, is when that meal is made at home within minutes. Yes, a gourmet meal at home in minutes. Hard to believe?

Burgundy Box makes it happen. Burgundy Box provides BurgunDIY meal kits and Ready-to-eat meal kits. BurgunDIY meal kits are freshly prepped DIY (Do it Yourself) kit boxes that contain the freshest ingredients and a easy to follow recipe to make your gourmet creation in minutes!

BurgunDIY Box is Burgundy in colour (haha)

Thanks to BrandedBawi's - Zenia Irani - 2nd Blogversary celebrations, I got the chance to receive one of the BurgunDIY kits and try it out for myself. Big Thank you to Zenia!

What's inside the box?

One Box and so many fresh ingredients! 
Overwhelmed on receiving this box, I readied myself to cook. I had selected the Chicken Green Thai Curry with Steamed Rice BurgunDIY Box.

The ingredients were ready. No chopping, cutting, prepping required. All the ingredients for the Chicken Green Thai Curry came in neatly labelled and numbered plastic containers. Along with the ingredients was a dead simple recipe to follow. In a separate container was steamed rice, that needed a quick heating.

The one thing that I wondered ever since I received the box : Will it taste like a restaurant Green Thai Curry?

With that in mind, I proceeded with making the curry by following the recipe instructions to the tee.

Saute the garlic and green chilli

Add the cut chicken

Add the curry condiments and coconut milk

Add the veggies

Voila! Chicken Green Thai Curry

Chicken Green Thai Curry with Steamed Rice

And to answer my own question, the meal was truly delicious. It tasted so delicious and restaurant-like that I had to stop myself from polishing off the meal alone. My family too enjoyed the meal as well.

My Views:

I believe it is best for working couples who would like to enjoy a gourmet meal minus the hassles of searching & buying, cleaning, painstakingly chopping the ingredients and searching a perfectly tried and tested recipe.


  • Once the box is received it needs to be kept in the refrigerator if its not going to be cooked immediately.
  • It is best to cook the meal immediately or withing a couple of hours, to avoid spoiling of the ingredients.

Go try BurgunDIY Box yourself. It is riDIYculously easy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Photo Blog - KGAF2016 and Make in India Food and Craft Festival

Till date I had never been to the annual celebration of Mumbai's culture and arts - The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. To the uninitiated, it is a melting hotpot of the finest art installations, sculptures which resonate with every Mumbaikar and most importantly are a visual treat.

This year, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) was being held from February 6 - 14, 2016. And this year, I made it a point to not only attend the KGAF but also the Food and Crafts Festival. One of the venues of the KGAF- the cross maidan near Churchgate Railway station - was host to its sister event in line with the Make In India initiative - Food and Craft Festival.

So here are the snippets and of my sightseeing at Hindustan Times Kala Ghoda Arts Festival at the Cross Maidan:

This was right at the entrance to the maidan.

If you think this installation resembles a T-Rex skeleton, well that makes two of us.
In fact it is a representation of the Charkha as donated by TATA Steel.

Some visitors we so eager to pose with the installations,
that they didn't realise it was still being worked on.

The Make In India Peacock
On inquiring with one of the students setting up this peacock installation covered with origami cutouts, I was told that this peacock is their metaphorical mascot for 'Make In India' initiative. Just like the peacock attracts all to view it after it unravels its plumage, similarly, the Make in India initiative is that peacock to "attract" investors from all over the world to India.

The other part of Cross Maidan had food stalls all over for the Food and Craft Festival - Make In India.

Food and Craft Festival - Make In India

SKY Goodies
 A smart way to place all your products on display - Showcase it on a car! No. the car was not on sale.


Unfortunately for me, the stalls were still being set up when I was looking around.

Chocolate Almond Waffle Stick
I had to try this this time after having missed a chance at The Lil Flea Fest last year. The warm chocolate syrup made the waffle incredibly soft and chewy with the almonds adding to the crunch. Will have it again. INR 150

Tried the Noodles from Chef's Basket. Got one box free on the purchase of another.

A panoramic view of the Festival


Monday, February 8, 2016

The TISS Flea Market 2.0

Whilst randomly surfing through the web, I came to know of the TISS Flea Market. The Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Deonar, Mumbai was holding a flea at their campus on 6th and 7th February 2016. This was the second edition, aptly named 'TISS Flea Market 2.0'

Universities or Colleges holding a flea market was unheard of and so intrigued as I was I decided to pay a visit on the first day 6th February, 2016. This flea market was organised by the students of TISS and was a part of Manthan 2016 - the annual HR fest of TISS.

When I reached there I reached the main entrance of TISS. I trotted in saw that there was no banner or any advertising of any sort. Upon further walking through their vast campus, I found out that it was being held at their sister campus - New Campus. 

Their setup was simple and basic. I browsed through many a stalls.

There was a lot in store for shoppers with curios and trinkets on sale like paper products, crochet designs, fridge magnets and buttons, handicrafts and more. Most of these were really small entrepreneurs retailing at this flea.

There was a photo booth with props for those who wanted to take snaps. For a measly INR 10, one could take as many photographs as they wanted. 

The food section of the flea was a bit of a dampener for me. There were very few counters, 4 to be precise serving pastas, dosas and idlis, Ice cream works icecream and one that I do not recall.

I purchased quite a few quirky fridge magnets and buttons all for a good price - INR 30 and INR 20 respectively.

I found this stall to be quite eye pleasing. This stall had intricate paper art designs. I was tempted to purchase some of them, but was worried of the damage to them whilst traveling back home.

Though this Flea was not as huge as the regular commercially backed fleas like The Lil Flea, it was a quaint one and shows the efforts of the students of TISS.

Scope of Improvement
If there were clear cut instructions of reaching the right campus.
Directions for those not familiar with central suburbs. 
More food stalls!

Location: TISS Campus, Deonar
Landmark: Opposite Deonar Bus Depot
How to get there? 
If you're traveling from south Bombay take the eastern freeway from Wadala to get to Chembur. You Ask anyone for directions to TISS campus or Deonar bus depot.
If you're traveling from North Bombay (Andheri/Borivali) take the Western express highway to reach Chembur. You Ask anyone for directions to TISS campus or Deonar bus depot.
By Train, take a Harbour line train to Wadala, switch trains and reach Govandi. From Govandi railway station ask anyone for directions to TISS campus or Deonar bus depot.

Entry Fee: NIL
Average Price Range: ~100