Sunday, November 20, 2016

OLO Review: Burgundy Box - SERVED Meal Box

After reviewing the Burgundy Box DIY kit, I got the chance to taste one of their freshly served and ready-to-eat meals as well. Burgundy Box has now established themselves as one of the options when it comes to ordering from a highly curated list of gourmet meals. You can pick and choose from a variety of cuisines in meals, snacks or salads.

And so one fine Wednesday, I placed my order for a Konji Chicken with Hakka Noodles meal for lunch.

I was already starting to get hungry by the time I place the order through the website.

And as promised my served box was delivered to me within the promised time slot.

My food arrived in a neat and clean packaged plastic box with plastic cutlery like a fork, a spoon and a paper tissue.

What was in my Burgundy SERVED Box?

Konji Chicken and Hakka Noodles Burgundy SERVED Box

I was truly impressed by the hygiene and presentation maintained by them. A majority part of my box was the Hakka Noodles, which was tossed with colourful bell peppers and finely chopped spring onions. As you can see, there's also a sizable portion of dry Konji Chicken and Kimchi was also in my box.

My Review:

Taste: The Konji Chicken and Hakka Noodles combo worked for me. Though the chicken was a tad too dry for my taste, its tanginess blended well the freshness of the noodles. The Kimchi was a downer with the cabbage being a tad too soggy. Then again, to be fair, I've never really developed a liking for Chinese pickled cabbage.

Portion Size: For a meal for one, this meal is indeed perfect for a working lunch. Not too overbearing on the stomach, and at the same time will not make you want to place an order for something else.

Value for Money: I would say yes, considering the hygiene factor and the near perfect presentation, I would vouch for this particular box. (This comes from a person who more often than not relies on the oily, questionably healthy office canteen food during lunch-time.)
I paid INR 230 for this box.

Would I Try it Again?
Definitely. Will want to try the boxes in other cuisines as well.

Psst...A Tip: Burgundy Box also offers discounts from time to time. Currently they offer a sweet discount when you order your food on a Wednesday.

Monday, November 14, 2016

D'lecta HumBhiChef Desserts Workshop plus Baked Yoghurt Recipe

This year Diwali was a more savoury affair for me and my family. After being showered with spicy farsan and snacks, it is natural to crave for something sweet. Though my family loves ghee laden sweets, I am more of a chocoholic and absolutely adore a sublime cheesecake.

And when I was invited to D'lecta HumBhiChef Desserts Workshop, it was perfect timing.

I reached at their sprawling corporate office at Gokuldham in Goregaon East. I was one of the first of the invitees to arrive and took in their magnificent kitchen. Laid out on one of their counters was their range of products. D'lecta is better known for their beverage solutions that are used in various hospitality industries and workplaces. They are also one of the prime players that offer a variety of dairy products and bakery products that are available in various SKUs in large and small retail formats. 

Just looking at this rich product spread is enough to tempt any cheese lover like me!

My dear food blogger friends Shalini Digvijay of Baketitude, Uttpal Krushna of Fashionable Foodz and Aarthi B of Gastronomic Flight joined me in this workshop.

The D'lecta kitchen's professional chef, Ms. Priya Dikshit was most gracious in her interactions, promptly and courteously attending to all our littlest doubts. Needless to say we learnt a lot from her, especially for a dessert newbie like me. In the end, we all were awarded certificates for successful completion of the workshop and also took home loads of D'lecta goodies!

We learned to make Eggless Baked Cheesecake, Baked Yoghurt, Black Forest Cheesecake and Espresso & Dark Chocolate Mousse.

So here I share an interesting recipe for Baked Yoghurt that I have rightly term it as a lazy person's dessert, because:
a) It uses only 3 ingredients
b) it is dreadfully simple to make.

Moreover, it was surprisingly and utterly delicious that I just couldn't stop at one serving.

Recipe for Baked Yoghurt:

Serves: 6 small ramekins

What you'll need:

Condensed Milk: 200 g
D'lecta Creme: 200 g
Yoghurt: 200 g


Preheat the oven at 150 degree Celsius.

Mix the creme, condensed milk and yoghurt until smooth. (Make sure all 3 ingredients are at room temperature).

Whisk away till it has mixed nice and smooth.

Put in 6 equal sized aluminum bowls/ ramekins.
Put them in a baking tray with water.

Bake the yoghurt for 20 minutes.
Switch off the oven and let it cool in the oven for 10 minutes.

 Remove from the oven, cool it and chill it for 3 - 4 hours.

Take a spoon, dig in and Enjoy!

Note: If you don't have an oven, you can cover the ramekins with foil and steam them in a steamer.

Do let me know in the comments if you'd try this out at home!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Planning an ideal yatra

‘Life is a book. Those who do not travel, read only a page’  

What is it with mesmerizing sunsets that endlessly captivate hearts? It is difficult not to be enthralled with foamy waves kissing the shore, with every ebb and every flow. Nor is it easy to tear away your eyes from the snow-capped peaks that sit in the serene ambiance of mountain ranges. Or a babbling brook that runs its course from the icy glaciers through the wide plains and the winding valleys. It is simply magical to explore the world one destination at a time, isn't it?

The wanderlust in me never wants to cease discovering newer places to explore, be it in my home city or some corner of the world. There’s always an itch to discover more, rediscover oft visited places once more and venture into the path less trodden. After all, as they say, life is but a journey. 

There is certainly a want and desire in me to travel around the world to exotic and lesser known destinations on the drop of a hat. It is certainly tempting to drop everything and head out on an unplanned solo road trip to a tropical destination of my choice. And it would be a dream come true if I were to travel halfway across the world to reach my dream destination. But with me, it doesn’t happen often. 

I can bet while you read through the earlier paragraph, you too would have pictured many destinations in your mind. And given a chance (and a well-timed one at that) this is how I would like to plan my Ideal Yatra from Mumbai to Melbourne. These tips may come in handy for you too! 

Book Flights well in advance to get lower airfares 
To start off, I would start checking for International Flights that would take me from Mumbai to Melbourne. Perhaps the most economical flights offered by International Airlines are the ones that are pre-booked well in advance. Considering I would love to travel around my birthday in December, now would be the best time to book them. 

Book a Hotel closer to sightseeing places
Here I’ll browse through the various hotels available and pick according to the sightseeing opportunities - be it for the beaches or the nightlife or for the shopping. 

Check for passport and visa 
Getting the visa is of utmost importance, without which I won’t be able to enter the country. 

Plan a flexible Itinerary 
Here I would think of all the places I would go. Visiting The Gold Coast, The Great Barrier Reef and The 12 Apostles are right on the top of my travel bucket list! 

Pre-book a cab or a taxi to the airport 
Given the fact that I have my passport and visa sorted, nearing the date of departure, I would book a cab to ensure that I get to the airport well within time. 

Pack light. Fly with minimal cabin baggage
As much as it is tempting to carry multiple pairs of clothing, I would want to travel light. 
Upon reaching the destination, I take a few hours to relax before heading out and exploring my new destination.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Restaurant Review: Mainland China at Infiniti Mall in Mumbai

What does one do when it's pouring outside and all you need is piping hot comfort food for a workday lunch?

You land up at the nearest a specialty Chinese restaurant for an all-you-can-eat meal. And boy was it worth it! My colleague and I landed at Mainland China in Infiniti Mall, Malad West, Mumbai where we opted for the Non-Veg Buffet Lunch (weekday) (INR 645 AI). And by the time we reach the venue at 1.15 pm, the buffet was already in progress.

The appetizers and the soup from the buffet menu are served at the table. While the mains and desserts have to be served ourselves. If you are adventurous like me, you can also try your hand at eating the food with a pair of chopsticks. The staff will oblige.

For starters, we had the soup. Chicken Hakka Soup - It was similar in taste to Manchow Soup, more tart and with less chicken. Forgettable.

In appetizers, we had a delicious fish starter which was so lip-smacking, we went ahead and asked for another helping. Next up were the Drums of Heaven

After that deliciousness, we were served piping hot Chicken Momos. The chicken momos were a revelation to me. I felt I was having substandard momos all along after biting into these beauties. Not overpowering, just the right hint of soy and the filling made for a satisfying eat. Post that, we were also served seasoned Potato Fingers. All of the appetizers were well seasoned, spiced and truly flavoursome.

A soon as we left our table to indulge in the mains, the courteous staff swiftly cleared our plates. Full marks for their efficacy. The mains had an array of dishes with exotic vegetables, tofu, chicken, fish and crab. What I truly liked was the Mixed Fried Rice, the Chicken in Black Bean Sauce & a Fish dish, the name of which I've forgotten. Flavourful, but merely average mains. Could be so as we were already almost full after gorging on the appetizers.

The dessert platter beckoned us and we just shamelessly stuffed ourselves. Among all of them, the honeyed Darsaan was the true highlight in the desserts for me.

Report Card:
Taste: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4/5; rating for buffet

Restaurant Name: Mainland China
Address: 3rd Floor, Infiniti Mall, Malad Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai
Cuisine: Chinese
Best way to reach: Car/ Public transport via the Link Road

Mainland China Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why you should incorporate dry fruits into your kitchen and your daily diet

As a kid, I can fondly remember how I used to look forward to a preparation of a traditional sweet dish at home. Not only did it follow a traditional recipe, but also did employ the use of rich ingredients like dry fruits. And I loved to polish off the doodhpak or sheera and leave the best for last – the dry fruits.

Dry fruits are incorporated into not only sweet dishes, but in savoury items as well. Don’t we love our biryani with the aromatic seasoning of raisins and cashew nuts? Who doesn’t love to pick a pack of masala peanuts to munch on?

And who doesn’t love to be gifted a stunningly decorated box of assorted dry fruits? And any Eid feast is incomplete without a pack or two of seedless dates (khajur) or stuffed variety of dates. Dry fruits are undoubtedly the centre of attraction for gifting at Indian festivals.

With the confluence of various international cuisines, we’ve also incorporated a lot of nuts from the overseas into our diet. Take hazelnuts for instance; kids no longer load their sandwiches with jam or preserves, but instead liberally apply some delicious hazelnut chocolate spread. An authentic pesto pasta is incomplete without a handful of pine nuts (chilgoze) and our salads miss the nutty crunch without their addition.

Aiming to bring the finest dry fruits to your table is the website called It’s India`s first marketplace for specialty Indian foods, ethnic foods, regional specialities, where all food products are sourced directly from the producer and delivered direct to the end-consumer.

Shop for your choice of delicious dry fruits, keeping in mind goodness they are packed with:
Cashew nuts (kaju) contain trace nutrients like Manganese, Magnesium and Copper to help maintain your bones, nerves and muscles in ship shape. Pick your bag of cashews native to the Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala coast.

By consuming walnuts (akhrot) you add copper, a vital trace nutrient which primarily helps our body utilize and process the iron from our diet. Bake a mean walnut chocolate brownie to satisfy your cravings and daily nutrient requirements.

Dates are one of the good sources of iron. Pine nuts are loaded with Vitamin K and Zinc to help develop immunity. How about a date and pine nut laddoo?

Packed with protein, Riboflavin, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium and Vitamin E for developing a sound body and mind, no wonder our intelligent mothers used to pester us to munch on soaked Almonds (badam). Gorge on some lip-smacking kheer with the finest mamra almonds, with origins of Iran and Afghanistan.

So incorporate your daily diet with a handful of dry fruits as is or in a yummier version of your choice.

Disclaimer: This article has been written for a brand incorporating my honest opinion/review.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Place of Origin - Delivering the best of India's culinary delights from their origin

“Don’t forget to get me the banana chips!” is exactly how I ended my conversation over the phone with my friend. She was visiting Kerala with her family and I pestered her repeatedly to get me a bag each of banana and jackfruit chips that were deep fried in coconut oil. I can still recall the first time I visited Kerala, it was unlike any run-in-the-mill chips I’ve eaten before here in Mumbai. It is an amazing feeling crunching and munching on the coconut oil deep-fried thinly sliced plantain chips.
Or the time when I simply missed sampling my favourite Chiroti from Chitale Bandhu, just because the queue to the counter was too darn long, that I would’ve missed my bus back home.
Doesn’t it happen to all of us? Don’t we all do that?
We visit a place, sample the local fare, fall in love with the taste, carry A LOT of it back home and miss the lingering taste on our taste buds right after we’ve finished the lot. It's amazing how we associate most our memories with food. It’s natural for any and every foodie. It’s the beauty of India’s culinary abundance. One cannot resist the sheer abundance of flavours. 
To bridge this gap an innovative initiative for those who don’t wanna miss the regional delicacies and specialties was born. The website is a portal to get home all your favourite regional culinary delights at one place.
Be it crunchy banana chips from Kerala, long leaf black tea from Assam, handpicked coffee beans from Chickmanglur and Coorg or even juicy Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri – take your pick.
A wide range of staples in tea and coffee are available here. Choose from popular CTC tea brands or from the choicest sommeliers as they hand-pick the most fragrant leaves infused with various spices and flowers. How about starting your day with a refreshing cup of Himalayan Tulsi green tea with delicate, flaming red Rhodenderon flowers?
Or perhaps your preference is a steaming cuppa of brown brew? Then make your choice from whole coffee beans, freshly roasted and ground gourmet French Vanilla coffee or ground filter coffee.
Accompany these beverages with gossip and with crunchy snacks from various parts of the nation, ranging from Ramprasad Chiwda’s Cornflakes Chiwda to Kale Chips from The Green Snack and Co.
And what’s even more impressive is the impeccable packaging utilized to pack your favourites only for a nominal cost. has my vote for being a one-stop shop for delivering India’s choicest delicacies right to your doorstep. 

Disclaimer: This article has been written for a brand incorporating my honest opinion.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Yelow - A bathroom concierge service

I love shopping. Most of us do, except when there is a rush.
Nobody likes a crowd when they shop. And nor does anyone like to dash for a tube toothpaste or a sanitary napkin in the middle of the night.

If you think online shopping is the answer, well, it's half the answer. As I don't want Flipkart delivering shaving cream after my husband has grown a beard like Gerard Butler in the movie 300.

That's precisely why we need to be organised in this scheme of things. That's far from happening, but there is someone who can make things a bit easy for us dis-organised folks. (Yes, its you who I'm talking about!)

Yelow - yes, notice the missing l. This is a personal care and hygiene products subscription service for men and women. Incorporated in May 2015 by ISB classmates Arjun Shah, Viraj Mehta and Nakul Vakil, which I bet was for an MBA project :P It was then full-fledgedly launched in December 2015, and since then they've already crossed more than 1000 users and more than 400 orders.
Sounds baffling? Not quite.

Its quite nifty actually. Choose from ready to use kits with all the bathroom essentials for use or for your travel. Else, you can make your own kit by selecting items the a la carte way. Categories are broadly classified into Oral Care, Men Grooming, Women's Hygiene, Bath & Body, Skin Care and Sanitizers.

Alternatively, customized something known as the 'Yelow Parcel' by building your own parcel, timing your own delivery and receiving it and chilling. It's as simple as that. It's like a gift from you to you!

They also take pride in introducing the one-of-a-kind women period kit. And men can be inducted into their exclusive Yelow Shave Club.

What inspired me to write about them? Their candid press release. Try it out and lemme know piques your interest. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review: Burgundy Box

Sometimes you just want to dig into a delicious gourmet meal right in the comfort of your home. And what makes it more special, is when that meal is made at home within minutes. Yes, a gourmet meal at home in minutes. Hard to believe?

Burgundy Box makes it happen. Burgundy Box provides BurgunDIY meal kits and Ready-to-eat meal kits. BurgunDIY meal kits are freshly prepped DIY (Do it Yourself) kit boxes that contain the freshest ingredients and a easy to follow recipe to make your gourmet creation in minutes!

BurgunDIY Box is Burgundy in colour (haha)

Thanks to BrandedBawi's - Zenia Irani - 2nd Blogversary celebrations, I got the chance to receive one of the BurgunDIY kits and try it out for myself. Big Thank you to Zenia!

What's inside the box?

One Box and so many fresh ingredients! 
Overwhelmed on receiving this box, I readied myself to cook. I had selected the Chicken Green Thai Curry with Steamed Rice BurgunDIY Box.

The ingredients were ready. No chopping, cutting, prepping required. All the ingredients for the Chicken Green Thai Curry came in neatly labelled and numbered plastic containers. Along with the ingredients was a dead simple recipe to follow. In a separate container was steamed rice, that needed a quick heating.

The one thing that I wondered ever since I received the box : Will it taste like a restaurant Green Thai Curry?

With that in mind, I proceeded with making the curry by following the recipe instructions to the tee.

Saute the garlic and green chilli

Add the cut chicken

Add the curry condiments and coconut milk

Add the veggies

Voila! Chicken Green Thai Curry

Chicken Green Thai Curry with Steamed Rice

And to answer my own question, the meal was truly delicious. It tasted so delicious and restaurant-like that I had to stop myself from polishing off the meal alone. My family too enjoyed the meal as well.

My Views:

I believe it is best for working couples who would like to enjoy a gourmet meal minus the hassles of searching & buying, cleaning, painstakingly chopping the ingredients and searching a perfectly tried and tested recipe.


  • Once the box is received it needs to be kept in the refrigerator if its not going to be cooked immediately.
  • It is best to cook the meal immediately or withing a couple of hours, to avoid spoiling of the ingredients.

Go try BurgunDIY Box yourself. It is riDIYculously easy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Photo Blog - KGAF2016 and Make in India Food and Craft Festival

Till date I had never been to the annual celebration of Mumbai's culture and arts - The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. To the uninitiated, it is a melting hotpot of the finest art installations, sculptures which resonate with every Mumbaikar and most importantly are a visual treat.

This year, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) was being held from February 6 - 14, 2016. And this year, I made it a point to not only attend the KGAF but also the Food and Crafts Festival. One of the venues of the KGAF- the cross maidan near Churchgate Railway station - was host to its sister event in line with the Make In India initiative - Food and Craft Festival.

So here are the snippets and of my sightseeing at Hindustan Times Kala Ghoda Arts Festival at the Cross Maidan:

This was right at the entrance to the maidan.

If you think this installation resembles a T-Rex skeleton, well that makes two of us.
In fact it is a representation of the Charkha as donated by TATA Steel.

Some visitors we so eager to pose with the installations,
that they didn't realise it was still being worked on.

The Make In India Peacock
On inquiring with one of the students setting up this peacock installation covered with origami cutouts, I was told that this peacock is their metaphorical mascot for 'Make In India' initiative. Just like the peacock attracts all to view it after it unravels its plumage, similarly, the Make in India initiative is that peacock to "attract" investors from all over the world to India.

The other part of Cross Maidan had food stalls all over for the Food and Craft Festival - Make In India.

Food and Craft Festival - Make In India

SKY Goodies
 A smart way to place all your products on display - Showcase it on a car! No. the car was not on sale.


Unfortunately for me, the stalls were still being set up when I was looking around.

Chocolate Almond Waffle Stick
I had to try this this time after having missed a chance at The Lil Flea Fest last year. The warm chocolate syrup made the waffle incredibly soft and chewy with the almonds adding to the crunch. Will have it again. INR 150

Tried the Noodles from Chef's Basket. Got one box free on the purchase of another.

A panoramic view of the Festival