Monday, December 28, 2015

#AwakenYourForce with a Star Wars themed Birthday Party

We love parties. Kids love it too. Of all the themes that have been popularized -be it Chhota Bheem to Dora the explorer - the theme which has a movie angle is always more fun.
Take Star Wars for instance.

Lucas' iconic series of films that is a cult in itself not only in the U.S. but all over the world. And this year, the force is back with the release of the seventh installment of the franchise: Star Wars - The Force Awakens.

The Star Wars movies have always been a popular set of movies, with each installment, attracting the newer set of fans to its fandom. Proof is in the hug number of merchandise that has been created from the R2-D2 robots to Darth Vader toilet paper.
As always, the news of the current Star Wars movie launch has taken the media by storm with even the current generation eagerly awaiting the movie, much like their parents did decades back. And such is the power of the storytelling and characters, that a non-believer/ watcher too gets hooked onto the mania.

This time, complimenting the Star Wars fever is leading Notebook manufacturer HP, who has launched the Star Wars Special Edition Notebook  for all the Star Wars fans.

This notebook is a digital powerhouse customized and pre-loaded with a generation spanning Star Wars content that boasts of 1,100 images and sound schemes and wallpapers. The HP Star Wars Command Center is the portal into the collection of rare Star Wars content drawn from the Lucas film archives. Also, thanks to the inbuilt 'Aurebesh' font any general communication can look like a message from the imperial senate. It's like living with the movie every day of your life.

Unleash your inner sith with illuminated backlit display that works in the dimmest of lights and surrender your senses to powerful audio by B&O Play coupled with full HD display.

Don't underestimate the power of lightening-fast performance with an Intel Processor inside.

And how do I plan to Awaken My Force with this unique Notebook?
Lately, my 9 year old nephew has caught on with the frenzy of this intergalactic franchise and with his birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, I have something up my sleeve.

Here's my fun side take on the Star Wars and how I would plan for my nephew's surprise Birthday Party with the aid of HP's Special Edition Notebook of course:

The Birthday Party Invite
The the out-of-the-world decor:

Star Wars Bunting | PC:
Star Wars Cup |

R2D2 Trash Can | PC:
Kids will love cleaning up in this!

The intergalactic games:

Star Wars Intergalactic Training - Obstacle course | PC:

Intergalactic Photo Booth | PC:

Build a Lego Jedi | PC:

Stormtrooper Bowling | PC:

Star Wars Photobooth Props| PC -


The Ultimate Star Wars 4 tier Cake:

PC: Cakes by Beth
The snacks:

Vaderade and Yoda Soda | PC:

TIE Fighters PC:


and last but not the least... to sweeten the deal:

Princess Leia Cupcakes - Made by me

And once the party ends, some memory to part with Party Favours/ return gifts:

Light Saber Toothbrushes. PC

#AwakenYourForce by witnessing a stellar performance and an intergalactic experience with HP's Star Wars Special Edition Notebook.

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