Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Building an #ImmuneIndia

Right from the time of conception, to the first heartbeat, to the first movements and then to birth, a child is protected by the mother. After 9 months in the mother's womb, when the child comes into the world, it is waiting for it to be held in its mother's arms. We wonder how something so small, fragile and feeble is able to survive the world. It then meets its mother who's once soft voice it recognizes since nine months- is music to its ears. The mother protects it with nutrition from her milk, warmth and lots of love. Later the child is 'exposed' to the world. Also, we don't welcome them, but pollution, germs, dust and allergens are around the corner. They can cause allergies, repeated bouts of cough, cold, fever. Important school hours, exams are missed rendering all family members in the house tensed and worried.

Children fall sick often in their early years of life. A seemingly innocuous cough or cold may potentially rise to a full blown flu or pneumonia. Children's immunity is low in the beginning, hence they are affected easily and the most. Most parents tend to use allopathic medicines to cure the ailments mostly because one -they are easily available as Over the Counter (OTC), two - doctors prescribe them easily and three- convenient to pop a pill as and when required. More often than not, in the long run intake of allopathic drugs, antibiotics and other medicines can make our immunities rely on them as a crutch. Our dependence of our well being must be not on medicines but on our body's immunity – the ability to protect, withstand and fight infections from external sources.
This is where Ayurveda can play a long lasting role in strengthening our immunities, especially our children's immunities. Special ayurvedic herbs can help strengthen the NK cells of our body. NK cells short for 'Natural Killer cells', are cells that play a significant role in generating an immune response once a foreign entity enters the body. NK cells have special characteristics to form antigen (foreign entity) specific memory so that in case of repeat infections, your body is armed with a defense.

Dabur's Chyawanprash is the answer to building our immunity and giving it the armour to fight against various infections. We are aware of this age old formula recommended by our grandmothers' grandmother, but somehow it has been forgotten by us since a few years. Powered with 40 natural ingredients, packed with the goodness of Ashwagandha, Satavari, Bala, Vidarikand, Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and Giloy (Guduchi), Chyawanprash has the right mix of ingredients to enhance the level of anti-oxidants and the immuno-modulatory properties for our immune system to cope with various infections and diseases. This is not just age old wisdom but has been proven scientifically of Dabur Chyavanprah's immunomodulatory and anti-allergic potential. So, we can now think twice before we reach out for the OTC allopathic drug or an antibiotic for our children as natural ingredients in the right mix can provide a host of benefits. Afterall, we have to think of our children's long term health. Let's build an immune India

As the well known adage goes, prevention is better than cure!