Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KFC Fiery Hot Review: Keep Fire-extinguisher Closeby (KFC)

It was a chilly Mumbai night
People coming home from work
Dinner plans, Take Out- the night was abuzz
No one least expected it to happen
Until it did....

''Mummmmmmmyyyy!!! Paaannniiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! ''

...Was the real reaction when I first ravenously bit into my KFC Fiery Grilled Chicken piece.

A tiring train journey, shopping and flat tyre later demanded take out and an excuse to try the New KFC variant. Much advertising later, I stepped into the KFC outlet on a chilly Thursday evening carrying my Golden Ticket. No, not the Charlie and the Chocolate factory kind; but couriered one by IndiBlogger worth INR 500

 KFC's Temptations Voucher by IndiBlogger: Tempting indeed :)

So I went for the kill.

Our order: 12 pieces of KFC Fiery Grilled Chicken
Taste: Spicy hot, ready to run to the nearest water source.
VFM: Try once. Not really VFM like the 2 piece chicken.

Damages: Starting INR 125 onwards, for 12 piece bucket ~ INR 625
Early Minus: Had to wait for 15 minutes for my order, even though

Warm, seasoned with herbs and spices (secret of course) and grilled with a hot chilly based sauce which lingers not only on your senses but also on your bare tongue much much later after eating !
All I needed was a tank of water to wash it down or a KFC Virgin Mojito on the rocks by the truck loads.

So if you are into the chillirific chicken, go for it. Not for the faint hearted.

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