Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Live to Eat

The blog chow down central missalpao is all about eating. Simple as that.
Our motto here is strictly Live to Eat. Size zeroes can go to the next blog.

So tuck in, grab a bite, gobble down, feast in, eat up, ingest, polish off, finish up, consume, devour, digest, forage, raven, graze, wash down, wolf down, slurp up, nibble, peck and dunk your senses into the food extravaganza with a side dish for awesomeness!

So watch this space to generate your appetite, salivate your senses and gormandize your taste-buds till you Burrp! :D


Why 'Chow down'?
Because 'Tuck in' was taken.

Is this place close to Central Park?

Is this blog about the Chow dog?

Do you have the recipe for Hot Dog?

Why not?
Why the obsession with Dogs?(!)

What do I get for asking questions?
How about an internet cookie?

Do you want me to give you unsolicited advice?

Update: Now 'missalpao' after my favourite snack/food Misal Pav.